Gear List

Physical Gear

Below is details about my traveling rig. My setup is software based to allow for maximum sound quality and flexibiliy.

Roland RD-64

This is a weighted key keyboard from roland that gives the feel of a concert piano while being more portable with 64 keys instead of the full 88. Generally all my pianos, electric pianos, some synths, and some pads are played here.

Roli Seaboard Rise

This is a unique insturment by Roli that offers a new level of expressiveness and flexibility for keyboardists. I use it as a MIDI controller that sits on top of my main piano to control pads, guitars, synth leads and strings.

iPad with Lemur

The iPad serves as my central patch controller with the Lemur App. Lemur is a framework that allows users to build custom midi surfaces. In my case, it is a custom grid of sounds so I can select and layer anywhere from 8-10 sounds at a time. It also has controls so I can select and layer MIDI loops and drones that adjust automatially to the key.

Novation Launch Control XL

I use this controller to adjust my mix and effects levels. Oftentimes I may be layering 8+ sounds at a time and so it is necessary for me to be able to mix these sounds on the fly. The Launch Control provides 8 faders and 3 knobs per fader. The faders control the volumes of each channel and the knobs control different effects like reverb, delay, and a low pass filter. The Launch control also is mapped to some unique master effects like a virtual sidechain compressor.

Novation Launchpad

This controller allows for fine tuned control over the clips and loops in Ableton, as well as the ability to play and sequence drum and FX tracks on the fly.

Custom Foot Controller

I built a custom foot controller with several MIDI sustain pedals and a Korg nanoKontrol. This controller allows me to play pads and bass hands-free. The 5 avaliable pedals correspond to nashville number chords that automatically populate based on the key I am playing in.


The center of my rig is of course my laptop and the software insturments contained therein.

Ableton Live

While Mainstage is arguably the more common plugin host used by live keyboardists, I decided that Ableton would be the best for me. Ableton offers a greater level of customization and efficiency that simply cannot be accomplished with Mainstage. Also, the MaxForLive plugins and MIDI routing offer virtually unlimited flexibility whereas Mainstage can be more restrictive.

Omnisphere 2

Most of my patches either taken from or built in Omnisphere 2. Omnisphere is truly an amazing plugin with thousands of both conventional and unique sounds. It is especially useful for pads though it still has some good synth and guitar sounds.

Nexus 2

Nexus 2 contains many synths and possible expansions. It overall targeted toward DJs and electronic music producers so it has a few good synth and pad sounds. While I have not yet purchased them, Nexus does offer several good expansion libraries for orchestral sounds, drum samples, and even more synths.

Alicias Keys

This plugin is renowned for its somber tone. This makes it a great plugin for ballads and other songs that call for a somber tone. It is not, however, very punchy and should not be expected to stand out in a mix.

Ivory II

This plugin contains great grand piano samples. Mostly I use the American Concert D.


Great piano and electric piano samples. Offers integration with Omnisphere.

The Giant

A piano libary sampled from a massive upright.