These would be my responses to the Chalmers survey. I'm no expert but it's interesting to think about.

Category Description Position
A priori knowlege yes/no Yes
Abstract objects platoism/nominalism Other
Aesthetic Value objective/subjective Subjective
Analytic-synthetic yes/no Yes
Epistemic justification internalism/externalism Externalism
Free Will libertarianism/incompatibilism/compatibilism Compatibilism
God theism/atheism/agnosticism Theism
Knowledge claims contextualism/relatavism/invariantism Insufficiently farmiliar
Knowlege empiricism/rationalism See Kant
Laws of nature Humean/Non-Humean Undecided
Logic classical/non-classica Insufficiently farmiliar
Mental content internalism/externalism Insufficiently farmiliar
Meta-ethics realism/anti-realism Undecided
Metaphilosophy naturalism/non-naturalism Undecided
Mind physicalism/non-physicalism Undecided
Moral Judgement cognitavism/non-cognitavism Lean towards cognitavism
Moral motivation internalism/externalism Internalism
Newcomb's problem One or two boxes Insufficiently farmiliar
Normative ethics deontology/utilitarianism/virtue ethics Virtue ethics
Perceptual Experience disjunctivism/qualia/representationalism/sense-datum Insufficiently farmiliar
Personal Identity Biological/psychological/further-fact Psychological
Science realism/anti-realism Realism
Time Presentism/eternalism/growing block/moving spotlight Eternalism
Trolley problem switch/don't switch Switch
Truth correspondance/deflationary/epistemic Correspondance
Zombies conceivable/inconceivable/conceivable but impossible Conceivable but impossible

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