Cyber Security Tool

This is a terminal bash based script built to consolidate the mirad of security testing tools into one interface. Features include port scanning funcionality with a variety of protocols, vulnerability scanning, sql injection, cross site scripting, man in the middle attacks, and password cracking.

Arduino Micro Keystroke Injection

Software built for the Arduino micro to demonstrate modern attacks on USB sercurity. Capable of exploiting Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and even Android with payloads establish reverse shells, escalate privledges, or even extract and email passwords.

MITM Framework

A custom framework within chases tool for man-in-the-middle attacks. Features include the ability to inject beef hooks, custom javascript/html, version identification scripts, and integration with metasploits browser autopwn2. Projects using the LAN Turtle and WiFi Pineapple coming soon.

Security Lab

(In Progress) An lab built for secuity reaserch and experimentation. Includes an entire LAN network with its own router, virtual machines of various versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. Also includes purposefully vulnerable VMs and Webb apps including metasploitable and Dm Vulnerable Web App.

Rasberry Pi Zero Remote Desktop

(In Progress) This is a unique attack framework for the Raspberry Pi Zero that allows the attacker to take full control over the computer remotely. Raspberry Pi emulates a keyboard, mouse, and VGA/HDMI monitor allowing the attacker to essentially remote desktop into the computer from this USB device.