This project exemplifies the possibility of 3 dimensionalizing conventional RAM technologies in order to optimize the usual space constraints of DDR3 and DDR4 technologies. Significant increases in computer RAM would allow more programs to be "cached" in RAM rather than the hard drive which could result in instant program launches.

Martian Game

This is a survival game written in C++ using Unreal Engine 4 based on the popular movie The Martian. This game provides a realistic expirience by utilizing the sophisticated lighting and physics engines in Unreal Engine 4. Other tools include: Blender for 3D modeling, GIMP for texture design, World Machine for terriain generation and Visual Studio C++ for game functionality.

Mainstage 3 and Logic Pro X scripts

These are a series of scripts developed for the Mainstage 3 live keyboard performance software and Logic Pro X to extend the built in MIDI functionality. Features include the ability to latch drone patches, and automatically trigger lead sequences relative to the trigger note.

Leumur Templates

Lemur is a framework for creating MIDI surfaces on the iPad. The project was to develop several templates to interface with Ableton Live. The finished control surfaces give the performer the ablity to switch and layer 8-10 different patches on avaliable keyboards, launchpads, and foot controllers. It also has controls that morph pad sounds and trigger effects.

Virus Game

This is a educational game designed to teach the user about the different types of viruses. Through interactive gameplay, the player learns to interact with different classifications of viruses thereby learning how they may attack the computer in the real world. In order to complete the game, the player has to show that they understand the common stratigies used to mitigate and avoid malware.