Reverse Engineering


My primary interests in cybersecurity are reverse engineering, binary exploitation, and binary analysis research. I'm currently an employee at the startup Correct Computation, where I work on binary analysis tools. I also have the Offensive Security OSCP certification.

Below are links to a variety of writeups I've done on malware analysis, CTF challenges, and more.

Practical Malware Analysis

Sample NameWriteup
Lab07-01Lab07-01 Writeup
Lab07-02Lab07-02 Writeup
Lab07-03dllLab07-03dll Writeup
Lab07-03exeLab07-03exe Writeup
Lab09-01Lab09-01 Writeup
Lab09-02Lab09-02 Writeup

CTF Writeups

CTF Writeup
RingZer0 Emulating a MIPS challenge with radare2 ESIL
NSA Codebreaker 2019 NSA Codebreaker 2019 task 1-5


Subject Writeup
Decompilation Analysis of the Ghdira Decompiler